Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol.12

Chidrink and Cadrawgo has a long history of serving up looks (almost a year, in fact!), but you’ve never seen us quite like this. You’ve never seen us this… X-TREME! Big guns, big chests, armor plating, skate boards, double-bladed pencils swords, hair to the skies, knives on our thighs, big beefy battle cries, high-kicks, low … Continue reading Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol.12

Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol. 9

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY DRINK AND DRAW!!! It's a brand spankin' new year and it's a perfect time to take a gander at all those those drawing goals you keep in your basement. Our advice: Bring them to OUR basement! Dust them off, sort them out, and whittle them down into something a bit more sizable. We've … Continue reading Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol. 9

Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol. 7

Welcome to our drink and draw. Hope you survive the experience!!! It's Chidrink & Cadrawgo! Chicago's highest rated basement drink and draw! What's a Drink and Draw? This is a chill-vibes, BYOB event where folks get together and draw in the same space, working on whatever they choose. They are welcome to enjoy the libations … Continue reading Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol. 7