Events FAQ

The Events space on Outlet Comics is intended to be a home-base for all comic related events. From huge national conventions to small town drink and draws.

Folks looking for events can search by date, location, distance, category and more so it’s easy for your event to get discovered. Do you have an event you’d like to see featured here? Please add it! We’d love to help you promote it.

Who can add events?

Anyone with a WordPress account. Login with your WordPress credentials on the Add Events or Manage Events page. If you don’t have a WordPress account, click “Register” to create one in minutes.

Does it have to be a comic related event?

Yes, at least comic adjacent. There is certainly some grey area here as comics intersect heavily with other sections of pop and geek culture. So if you’re a comic shop that also hosts a Magic the Gathering night, put it up there. That’s still getting people into your shop even if Magic isn’t specifically comic related.

What does it cost to add an event?

Nothing at all! It will always be free to add events. As we grow we may add payment restrictions for posting large amounts of events (such as dozens of panels for a specific con) or for hosting tickets on our site, but the intent is to be a comprehensive resource and accessibility (not pricing people out in this case) is huge part of that.

Can I sell tickets?

Not yet, but soon! We have the capability, but we are still nailing down the specifics. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we add a ticketing feature. For now, please link to the site where you are currently hosting ticket.

Can my event be in any location or timezone?

Yup! There are no location restrictions.

Can I add new categories?

Not without contacting us. We’re working to keep categories streamlined. But we’re sure we haven’t thought of everything, so if you do not see a category that fits your event contact us and we will chat with you about adding it.

Can I add new tags?

Not yet. We’re still ironing out the details on our approach to tagging, but it will eventually be an important part of discovery. If you have ideas and suggestions let us know!

I see my event but I didn’t add it. What do I do?

Contact us! Perhaps we added it or an excited fan added it on your behalf. We can investigate what happened and transfer ownership when necessary.

Can I be a jerk?

Nope. Take that crap elsewhere. Any event promoting hate or seen as exclusionary will be removed. Everyone is welcome in this community. Unless you’re a jerk.