How much do you know about time travel? How much do you know about relationships?

Surprisingly, you can learn a lot about both all in one place: Kevin Krull’s debut graphic novel, Timewise! A truly delightful addition to the Outlet Comics family, Timewise will take you on a journey through the past, present, and future of Ben and Emma’s relationship in a way you wouldn’t exactly expect. They certainly didn’t! Along the way you are certain to be met with enough nerdy references to fill a comic book shop and some amusing and graciously digestible explanations of various time travel theories. This book is full of heart and creates a solid foundation for Kevin as an artist and storyteller. It’s just good comics!

You can purchase your copy on Amazon right now!

You can also check it out on Webtoons here and make sure to follow Kevin on Instagram at @thetotherkevinkrull so you never miss out on what he’s up to.

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