Eric’s Updates – Update 1: An Update in Four Parts

Hi Folks,

As you will see in the following videos, I am working on comics from several different angles, but all those fall into 3 major categories:

  • Outlet Comics
  • My own comic creations
  • Chidrawgo

The objective here is to have regular video updates on all three of those so that you can follow along with how I am progressing. But in order to have updates, you first need context and a place to start. That’s where these 4 videos comes in. The first is an introduction to the video series and then there is one video dedicated to each of the items listed above.

I’d be pleased as punch if you were to check them out. And even more pleased if you let me know what you think.

One note: I have not had a chance to add captions yet. They will be there soon, I promise.

Update 1: An Intro

Update 2: Outlet Comics

Update 3: Eric Makes Comics

You can check out my comics at:
And select ones (the ones I think will do well on Reddit, which doesn’t actually mean anything) here:
Like and follow any of these and I would be greatly appreciative.

Update 4: Chidrawgo

You can follow Chidrawgo at:
And check out what Joe is doing at:

Thanks for watching.


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