Chidrink & Cadrawgo Giant-Sized Annual!


It’s Chidrink & Cadrawgo’s birthday and they know exactly what they want: THEY WANT YOU TO SHOWER THEM WITH PRESENCE! Nope, I didn’t spell that wrong. They want your PRESENCE! They are planning an all day art bash and they want you to be present!

Can you believe it’s been one whole years since their first drink and draw? Boy howdy! In that time they’ve been to two C2E2s and one CAKE, published a Halloween zine, collaborated with BACK TO PRINT on a second zine, ran a crazy successful toy drive, celebrated the Great Pouched Liefeld’s half birthday, served up many prompts, never missed a month, had at least 5 different doggos visit out mascot Mooge, and met more cool creators than they can shake a stick at.

Direct from their mouth’s, the coolest part about this for them has been meeting all of you and seeing the amazing stuff you create. You are why they do this!

To celebrate their ANNIBIRTHARY, they’re doing things a bit different:
THEY ARE HAVING A FULL DAY OF DRAWING AND HOSTING A MINI-CON WITH LOADS OF GREAT GUEST! It’s their Giant-Sized Annual! Meet and score some sweet merch or sketches from amazing guest artists. Hang out and draw or color with them, they have supplies and coloring books galore. BIG YOUR KIDS! There will be a dedicated kids station and they’ll have juice boxes and snacks for everyone. Eat come cake! They will definitely have cake.

Not only is all this happening, but it is also Free Comic Book Day, it’s unofficial Star Wars Day, there’s a sale at the comic shop they host at, and there is a RAD comedy show happening after. WHAT?! Yeah.

Graham Crackers Comics in Lakeview
3162 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

Here’s what the day looks like:
– 11am – 6:30pm – Chidrink & Cadrawgo Giant-Sized Annual Event and Mini-Con!
– 11am – 7pm – Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) – Choose from a wide selection a FCBD comics. If you don’t know what FCBD is, check out
– 11am – 7pm – SALE! – Graham Crackers Comics in Lakeview is offering $5 bargain graphic novels and 3 free 50¢ comics from the bargain basement.
– 1:30pm – 2:30pm – Signing with comic writer and artist Tim Seeley!
– 7pm – 8:30 – A special presentation of RAD. a fun show, featuring amazing local comics (the funny w/ a microphone kind, not paper kind)
– All Day – Unofficial Star Wars Day – May the Fourth be with you!

Guest artist!
– Tim Seeley (1:30-2:30pm only) – IG @timseeley
– Dane Georges – IG @danegeorges
– Mel Valentine – IG @onlinevlentine
– Leo Mancini – IG @leomakecomic
– Kevin Krull – IG @theotherkevinkrull
– BACK TO PRINT publishing – IG @elizabethstieri
– and more!

Onto the FAQs:

Is this still a DRINK and draw?
Sort of! Since it is a day event while the store is open and it will definitely be kid friendly, we will have non-alcoholic beverages available. If you would like to imbibe anything anything else it’s still technically BYOB, but we ask that you be responsible and discreet about it.

Does it cost anything?
Nope! You can join all the festivities for free. However, since this is the first event we are having while the store is open, if you are in a position to make a purchase we encourage you to do so. It’s what keeps the shop going and allows us the space to do this.

What if I haven’t gone to one of your events before?
Come on down! This is a perfect opportunity to check out what it is we do.

Can I bring a friend?
YES! Bring your friends, bring you dog and kids, bring your lovers, bring your creative partners, bring your whole poly non-binary family. Everyone is welcome! Unless you are a jerk. No jerks allowed.

From Eric and Joe:
Folks, we can’t tell you how excited we are to have made it a year with all of you. May the Fourth be with you, and on the Fourth, may you be with us!


CD2 May 2019

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