Outlet Comics @ C2E2 2019

Does this banner image make you think of 101 Dalmatians? That has nothing to do with this post, but I just noticed it and now I have the Cruella de Vil song stuck in my head.

Anyway! This weekend is C2E2, one heck of a big convention here in Chicago, and I’m gong to be there! This is not a surprise. But what makes it special is that I will have Outlet Comics business cards and fliers to hand out. I’m not tabling (that’s next year, bet!) but I’ll be walking around the con talking up potential patrons and investors, going to panels, drawing with Chidrink & Cadrawgo, meeting creators, getting my picture taken with the voices of Pinky and the Brain, and digging through back issue bins.

If you’d like to meet in person and grab a business card, give me feedback, or tell me you’d like to invest, or heck even if you just want to say hi, shoot me a message on social media @OutletComics or email me at Eric@outletcomics.com and we’ll find a spot to meet up.


Eric Green

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