Chidrink & Cadrawgo Vol.12

Chidrink and Cadrawgo has a long history of serving up looks (almost a year, in fact!), but you’ve never seen us quite like this. You’ve never seen us this…
Big guns, big chests, armor plating, skate boards, double-bladed pencils swords, hair to the skies, knives on our thighs, big beefy battle cries, high-kicks, low crouches, never know what’s in our pouches! SO MANY POUCHES! AAAHHHHHRRRRRRGGGG!!!!
Are you APMED yet?! Huh?! Well getting ready to get amp to the MAX! Strap some kitchen knives to your shoulders and grab your point shoes because we’re celebrating Rob Liefeld’s Half Birthday!!!
The 90’s was a lawless knife-land where the only thing that mattered was your x-tremity! And there is no creator that defined this looks more than Robert, the x-treme dream himself.
Did you know his half birthday is coming up? NO?! Well neither did he!!!! He found out when we told him about it at C2E2. He was so jazzed that he signed our fliers. A FULL ON X-TREME ENDORSEMENT!!! *electric guitars scream*
So come join Joe and Eric at Chicago’s most x-treme drink and draw, pick a new x-treme Liefeldian name for yourself (we have a chart), and see what it’s like to be the badass you always knew was inside you. A badass with pencil knives for hands called Lead Dead! (probably) RRRAAAWWWWWWWGGGGGHHH!!!!!

It’s Chidrink & Cadrawgo! Chicago’s MOST X-TREME basement drink and draw!

What’s a Drink and Draw?
This is a chill-vibes, BYOB event where folks get together and draw in the same space, working on whatever they choose. They are welcome to enjoy the libations they bring and the supplies we provide.

Come Drink! – BYOB. We can’t buy you boozes, but we’ll have some cups and bottle openers if you need them. Do you have to drink? Nope! Actually many of us frequently don’t. (Or just plum forget because we’re so into what we’re drawing.)

Come Draw! – We’ll have simple supplies like paper, pens, pencils, erasers, and markers if you are in need. Work on your own stuff or use one of our prompts. We’ll have prompts! Do you have to draw? Nope!. We have coloring books and crayons if you just want to come for a chill night in an art space. We’re also happy to give you points in the right direction if you want to learn to draw.

Bring a Friend! – Don’t want to come alone, but don’t have any friends that draw? We’ve got you covered. As we mentioned above we’ll have coloring pages and crayons for your artistically-challenged allies.

Pet Mooge! – Mooge is a doggo. A good doggo. Mooge will be there until Mooge is not, then Mooge will be elsewhere. Do you have a doggo? This event is dog friendly for your well-behave, potty-trained dogs.

Be Who You Are! (unless you’re a jerk or a pre-heart enlarged Grinch) – These events are completely inclusive. We accept and respect everyone exactly as they are. If you don’t share this view (i.e. if you are a jerk or pre-family-vanish Kevin), please do not attend.

When is it?
Saturday, April 6th from 7-9pm
(It’s the first Saturday of every month for those of you that want to plan in advance. Tell Alexa to add it to your teleportation schedule!)

Where is it?
Graham Crackers Comics in Lakeview – 3162 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60657
It’ll be in the basement, which is different from your parent’s basement where you keep all those issues of X-Men #1 you bought back in 1991 thinking they’d be worth something. It’s where Graham Crackers Comics in Lakeview keeps all their issues of X-Men #1 they bought back in 1991 thinking they’d be worth something. Joke’s on us!

What else can I expect?
Graham Crackers Comics let’s us host this event after store hours. So if you get there and the door is locked Eric will have his number posted on the door. Call him and he’ll let you in. Sometimes the event goes a little past 9pm. At the end of the event Joe will yell “PENCILS DOWN” and we’ll go round-robin sharing what we’ve worked on. There is no judgement, only encouragement. Still, if you’d rather not share, just say “sugarpeas” and we’ll move on the next person.

What does Chidrink & Cadrawgo mean?
Since “Chicago Drink & Draw” and “Drink & Draw Chicago” seemed to be taken already, we did the only sensible thing and mushed them all together. Thus, CHIDRINK & CADRAWGO! Don’t worry, it gets easier to say the more you drink. Just kidding! We can’t even say it sober. You try!

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CD2 April 2019

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