Introducing Chidrink & Cadrawgo!

It’s the event where we get progressively drunker and try to say the name! Just kidding. We can’t even say it sober. You try!

Anyway, do you live in Chicago? Do you like to draw? Do you like to drink? Do you have a sober friend who draws and you like to drink and color poorly while they pump out masterpieces? Do you want to lie to us about any of those things just to get in the door and pet a dog named Mooge? Well have we got an event for you! It’s Chidrink & Cadrawgo! The brand new drinking and drawing event in Chicago! Can you guess what other names were taken? We can!

Stop on by Graham Crackers Comics in Lakeview (3162 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60657) on Saturday, May 5th from 7-9. It’ll be in the basement, which is different from your parent’s basement where you keep all those issues of X-Men #1 you bought back in 1991 thinking they’d be worth something. It’s where Graham Crackers Comics in Lakeview keeps all their issues of X-Men #1 they bought back in 1991 thinking they’d be worth something. Joke’s on us!

The event is $free.99 and BYOB. It’s also BYOSupplies, but we’ll have some paper and pens to borrow if you forget yours. We’ll even have drawing prompts if you forget your imagination. We’ve thought of everything! (we hope) Checkout the Facebook event and share it with your friends. They’ll think you’re sooooooooo cooooooooool.

Hey guess what! May 5th is also Free Comic Book Day! So make sure to stop by the shop before the event to pick up some freebies while they last and maybe even buy something. We’ll see you there!


May 5th

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